QA Engineer

QA Engineer

Intermediate QA Engineer

Job description

We are looking for a detail-oriented QA Engineer responsible for all quality assurance activities, including developing and implementing policies, conducting tests and inspections, identifying production, process, or product issues, and presenting solutions to meet established quality standards.


  • Responsibility for testing software applications with an emphasis on error detection in terms of software functionality, usability, and security
  • Development of testing strategy
  • Creating testing scenarios, depending on the testing methods applied
  • Preparation of testing data
  • Performing manual and automatic test applications
  • Re-examinations of reported errors
  • Evaluation of tests results
  • Designing a methodology and necessary development procedures that lead to the agreed quality of the software product
  • Using various mechanisms for assessment and management of quality assurance system, standardization, certification, the definition of software development and maintenance life cycle
  • Prevention and detection of incidents and anomalies
  • Technical evaluation of the software product
  • Planning, analysis, and design of tests, implementation, and execution of test cases
  • Analysis and description of identified errors, and proposing solutions to eliminate them to other participants in software development, who will make appropriate decisions based on the received facts.


  • Basic knowledge about software testing
  • User-oriented perspective
  • Data analysis skills
  • SQL skills
  • Working in Agile environments
  • Problem solving skills


  • Wide knowledge of testing approaches
  • Both manual and automated testing skills
  • Understanding of the business area and client's requirement
  • Being good at project planning, task and people coordination